Leitkultur is a collective of like minded individuals aiming to break down the pillars that contemporary nightlife is based upon and present rational, amazing experiences through underground house and disco, and the establishment of an immersive, cohesive, and proper clubbing culture in a city riddled with excess. Leikultur events happen intermittently, always in venues that are dedicated to their patrons, always from artists that are fueled by their passions. Our goal is to present the beauty and importance of dance, music, and the arts to people looking to explore different ways of going out, and offer consistency to clubbers that end up getting hooked.

The Leitkultur Nacht (loosely, 'guiding culture night') initiative is a series of parties that take place in various locations across New York City with a focus on three fundamental aspects of international clubbing culture: the celebration of underground electronic music, the destruction of nonsensical commercial nightlife standards, and the cultural cohesion of all ethnicities and groups of people sharing an experience on the dance floor.

Our name Leitkultur was coined by Bassam Tibi, a professor of Political Science at the University of Göttingen and Harvard University, who immigrated from Syria to Germany in 1962. Literally, the word "leitkultur" translates to "popular culture" which we have little to do with. However the historical and culturally understood definition of the word as per Tibi's definition has to do with cultural cohesion and core values of immigrants to Europe from other countries in the late 1980s. In his lectures, Bassam Tibi explained not only why Germany was this focus of relocation for so many humans around the world, but what was culturally important for Germany to understand and foster as a global melting pot. 

Specifically, Tibi explained how if a perfect "leitkultur" (loosely, 'guiding culture') wasn't established in Germany and the rest of the EU, societies would be living in balkanized states within singular countries. "My idea of a European Leitkultur is based upon the foundation of a democratic community whose members are bound together through a collective identity as citizens of that community." - Bassam Tibi, interview with Der Spiegel, 2004.

In the 2000s, conservative politicians in Germany started to use the word Leitkultur in a negative and xenophobic manner. Friedrich Marz, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union in 2000, explicitly stated in a political debate in Berlin that his version of a "Leitkultur" was a Leitkultur wherein borders were kept up, and immigrants were kept out. 

In direct opposition to Marz' thoughts, we here at Leitkultur in New York City aim at returning the word to it's original definition, by producing events that are inclusive to everyone, regardless of race, creed, sexual identity and orientation, or walk of life. 

In totality, we aim to create a proper "nightlife Leitkultur", here in New York City.